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God Almighty says in his noble book: “And from his longevity we are set back in creation, so do they not understand” , which is a clear indication of human relapses to childhood after being elderly. This is the natural pyramid of mankind, but which childhood is this? Is healthy childhood that makes people happy and happy? Or is it a pathological childhood in which he performs behaviors and behaviors such as losing his mind and insight? So let’s shed light on the forms and beliefs of this dementia, and what has become of modern scientific facts to challenge many old myths and obsolete beliefs.

It was believed that dementia appears in the form of a focal brain injury in a specific location, but recent research has shown a comprehensive gradual injury to the cerebral cortex extending to include the white matter surrounding the cerebral ventricles containing the spinal fluid, and it was also believed that Parkinson’s is a harbinger of dementia, And recent studies come and show that this is a shame to health, as there are many cases that are not accompanied by an organ injury outside the hierarchy responsible for involuntary movements in the body.

The question arises: Are there factors that cause rapid access to dementia? And the answer comes that there are inevitable reasons such as age and the fact that the patient is a female and who carries chromosome genetics from a family where dementia is common, and there are other reasons that can be avoided such as smoking and uncontrolled blood sugar and blood pressure, and a lack of calcium within the brain cells And not mixing with society and renewing memory activity by recalling previous memories and events, as well as not practicing mental games like Sudko and crossword puzzles.

There are modern methods that contribute to identifying and even predicting patients who are about to develop dementia, such as a verbal working memory test, a miniature mental force test, an hourly drawing test, and then moving to a brain scan with a CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging that clarify the location of the lesion without exposure to the amount of injury Dementia, hence the role of research in examining the patient with a positron emission tomography and stratified mono-ray apparatus.

And the writer had a test to sort out the patient who suffers from dementia among those who frequent his clinic called “Dahab test” and it takes two and a half minutes and can be applied in several places and consists of five questions: The question about the day – a request that the person hold his right hand with his ear The left – posing a simple math problem such as adding numbers 6 and 9 – requesting that he enumerate ten of the names of fruits, places, animals, or colors – and finally we throw him like popular slogans and ask him what is behind the words and what the ideals are intended for.

It is rumored that this disease is not treatable and man has been seeking since the beginning of creation from the elixir of life, which is believed to prolong life and alienate almost the same old age and the effects of dementia associated with aging, but in recent years some medicinal drugs have emerged that have planted hope for a better life with this Disease and interested in how to live in ease and reassurance, as it was known that Valium is the only drug suitable to get rid of the inconvenience of the patient, and we have come up with modern science with a lot of preparations such as Appastigmine, Tacrine, Olanzapine, Donepezil, Irgolid and Vitamin E and herbal Biloba .

Thus dementia is no longer a stigma that affects the elderly, but rather a biological and psychological condition that affects some people. It does not exceed 15% of those over the age of sixty-five, and therefore we have to deal with this case wisely to add life to life instead of age. To life, may God protect you and the evil consequences of dementia.

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