weating is a natural and healthy phenomenon, it regulates the body’s temperature. However, excessive sweating is embarrassing, and this condition affects many people, both females and males. And the use of tools, and science has not been found to categorically treat this condition except for some temporary treatments. Increasing the secretion of sweat is a problem that some women and men alike suffer from and it is one of the problems that greatly affects the activities of daily life such as driving a car, taking a test or even just holding things is strongly affected by the condition of the wet hand. Without forgetting that some of those who occupy certain professions such as medicine or Computer users face various problems due to this condition, sweating is secreted by the developing nervous system, and we may notice that some people have excessive sweating, especially in the palms, soles of the feet, armpits, and face, and this condition may start from childhood and continue for life. In contrast, hyperhidrosis is a pathological condition in which the patient suffers from increased secretion in the sweat glands, and this phenomenon is often preliminary, that is, without the presence of other diseases, the cause of which is unknown, excessive sweating in the hands is a phenomenon present in 0.15% - 0.25% of young men, and the prevalence rate between males and females is equal. It has been observed that in 40% of cases there is a genetic predisposition, and symptoms usually appear in early childhood through adolescence, and this phenomenon may cause functional disorders (difficulty in writing and using tools) and social (refraining from handshaking, fear of touching the partner / him And others) The sympathetic nervous system provides nervous stimulation to the sweat glands, and it leads to fluid secretion. Damage to the section of the nervous system responsible for innervating the sweat glands in the hands, located in the back-upper part of the chest, stops sweating in the hands. To do this, various surgical methods have been developed. In the past, operations were performed in open style. With the development of the endoscopy technique (in which tubes are inserted into the cavity of the body and with the help of the surgical procedure), open methods are no longer in use. But what are the most important causes of increased sweating of hands and some other places in the body? There are many reasons, including an increase in the production of thyroid gland or endocrine diseases, menopause, bad psychological or nervous state, emotional psychological pressure, feelings of insecurity, excessive stress, taking some medications that contain in their composition compounds that regulate temperatures and secrete sweat, addiction Alcohol, or infection with some diseases, including diseases of the nervous system, diabetes, gout, adrenal tumors, pituitary tumors, lymphoma and tuberculosis, or a previous spinal injury and respiratory disease, obesity and overweight. Severe cases of sweat in the hand and face may be seen by people or the patient’s family as a trivial problem that does not need treatment, especially if the treatment is surgery, but this is not the view of patients with this disability, as severe cases impede the patient from performing many social and professional functions, but he refuses to surrender By holding hands on people and holding a handkerchief all the time in addition to the very low temperature of the hand, especially in winter or in air-conditioned places, this patient cannot write - holding papers - drawing - printing - dealing with electrical and electronic devices - all manual work - military life and cooperation Bored with weapons, but could not hold the hand of his fiancée, his wife, and his children. Even one of our patients said that he could not pray in the mosque and peace be upon the worshipers after the prayer.

The endoscopic sympathetic nerve stapling process in the node concerned (second to face – and third and fourth for the hand and under the armpits) is the only permanent treatment and has the best results in the world and the result appears immediately after the operation upon recovery and does not need any time and discharge from the hospital on the same day, but surgery is not suitable For patients who sweat from all parts of the body, the nerve nodes of the feet cannot be stapled to share the nerve node responsible for the feet with some important organs – the opposite of what happens to the face or hands, it must also be known that stopping the work of the responsible node will stop the race entirely and not just reduce it, as that Avoid sweat for a place in the body that leads to a slight increase in sweat in the abdomen and back (its intensity varies from one patient to another and is called compensatory sweat) but it is not visible to people and does not cause any problems in the vast majority compared to the main disability of the disease, and the unfortunate people who suffer from this disease On the face, always worse luck – and for no reason – give the people around them the wrong impression that they are confused, incompetent, or shy, especially if it is accompanied by redness – or even lying while they are confused only by the prolific race who do not know what to do with it and what is its cause? You must make sure that the dysfunction is really difficult. It should be explained to the patient what are the treatments used (botulinum injection and endoscopic operation) and what are the expected results for each of these treatments. In addition, the patient must be given an accurate description of the complications and side effects of the surgery, and their value should not be underestimated. While it is not possible to know in advance which side effect will appear first or how severe it is, the patient’s fate is like the fate of a gambler when he comes to decide on the type of operation that will be performed for him. But in this case, the vast majority of gamblers will win a lot as a result of their decision. Prevention and treatment: 1. prohibitions: avoid fatty and processed foods and more than vegetables, whole grains and fruits because they contain zinc, calcium and vitamin D 2. Alum: The alum is dissolved in warm water, hands or feet are soaked in alum solution, and the hands or feet are wiped after a quarter of an hour to treat sweating, thereby getting rid of sweat for about a month and repeating the process 3. Tea: boil several bags of tea in water for five minutes, then the legs or hands are soaked in solution for 20 minutes, reducing sweat secretion. 4. Apple cider vinegar: Drip some apple cider vinegar drops into a container with water, then submerge hands or feet in water for half an hour 5. Henna: Boil an appropriate amount of henna powder in a liter of water for 5 minutes, then soak hands and feet in it 6. Walnuts: Walnut leaves are boiled in water for a quarter of an hour, then hands and feet are washed to treat excessive sweating. 7. Salmiya: A handful of Salmiya herb is soaked in a liter of boiling water for a quarter of an hour and then dip hands or feet in water to get rid of excessive sweating 8. Zinc: Food containing zinc, such as sesame tahini, peanuts, oysters, dark chocolate, toasted pumpkin seeds, and calf, should be eaten. 9. Pine: Boil 5 grams of pine nuts in a liter of water, then dip it in hands and feet to get rid of sweating. Several therapies have been suggested: psychotherapy, intravenous medication, local medication, Iontophoresis, local freezing, local radiation therapy, Botulinum toxin local injection, sympathetic nerve anesthesia by Injecting and supervising phenol with the help of X-rays, damaging part of the sympathetic nervous system using heat (Radiofrequency) and sympathectomy. The presence of so many types of treatment indicates that there is as yet no ideal treatment for this phenomenon. Nowadays topical treatment is mainly used: with the help of botulinum and the sympathetic cutting process, the results of botulinum therapy are not permanent. Although it is possible to repeat the treatment, that this phenomenon returns again within a short period of time, it is not certain that this treatment can last for a long time. In addition, this treatment is painful and expensive. Cutting the nerve through open surgery in the neck is a medical crime and requires a large visible phenomenon and from which important muscles are cut and it is a distorted and dangerous surgery and has no place in modern surgical medicine, and it seems that this surgery is easy, as it is done under the influence of general anesthesia and is carried out in Each side of the body one by one. There are people who enter one tube in the armpit, while others are two tubes – one in the armpit and the other in another location at the front or on the side of the chest. Some remove the sympathetic knots responsible for sweating in the hands, while others only burn them. When removing the two nodes, dry hands are obtained in 99.8% of cases, compared to 95.2% if they are burned. If so, then the question arises – why is the eradication process not always carried out? The reason is that the resection process may cause damage to organs located close to the site of surgery compared to the burning process. Also, the removal requires very high surgical skill. Therefore, most surgeons prefer to burn the nodes, and in the event of a recurrence of the phenomenon, the operation is performed again.

It should be emphasized that the operation is accompanied not only by the expected complications arising from each surgery, but also by its side effects: ptosis, nervous pain (Neuralgia) in the chest and / or upper extremities, intense sweating on the face with the effect of specific odors and foods False sweating, excessive sweating to compensate (Compensatory) that appears after the operation in other areas of the body: chest, abdomen, back, thighs, legs and others. The factor that causes the eyelid drooping is known and can be prevented. While the cause of nerve pain is unknown, it is a rare phenomenon and sometimes it disappears over time. Hyperhidrosis on the face, generally affected by certain odors and / or foods, does not cause discomfort. A phenomenon that is less annoying is false sweating, as the patient thinks his hands are sweating, but in reality they are still dry. The most difficult side effect is excessive sweating to compensate. It is a very common phenomenon, and its intensity varies. Difficult cases are rare. However, among the few who are dissatisfied with the process, the majority of them complain of excessive sweating due to the severe compensation they suffered. Until now, there has been no solution to this problem. It is clear from the above that the problem has multiple causes, and that it is very psychological and socially haunting, and that the solutions to it are numerous and come out to us from time to time as a way to overcome the sweating of hands, so recently they found there is powder like powder when placed in the palm of the hand reduces that phenomenon similar When weightlifters use it before exercising, and it remains the cornerstone, which is the psychological part of the topic, and it needs behavioral training on how to face society with the least possible emotion and gradually adapt to critical situations, hope is mainly based on the reassurance that the patient deals with, and God guides us and Beware of the disease in general.

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